Saturday Night Blues


I’m trying my best to play catch up with all the books I’m getting rights back to because I want to give some of them a major overhaul. It’s taking time away from my new stories so I hope you’ll bear with me.


Here’s one I re-released last week. It’s Saturday Night Blues (first published by Evernight Publishing in 2013), and it’s now told from a dual first person perspective.

Hope you enjoy the updated version…

What’s a girl to do when she’s single and it’s Valentine’s Day?

If you’re Natasha Hargreaves you babysit your nephew. However, not all is lost when a mishap with a large vase lands her in the ER with an overworked but very sexy, Dr. David Walker.

David’s not usually a doctor to fall for a patient but there’s something about Natasha that makes his heart beat faster and forces him to break the rules about asking her out.

Are they a match made in heaven and will Natasha be able to handle a doctor’s unsociable hours of work?


saturday night blues

Just For Valentine’s Day

SNB1 (1)

My next release is another Romance On The Go story from Evernight Publishing. This one has a Valentine’s Day theme and it’s called Saturday Night Blues. The heroine is celebrating by babysitter her nephew and feeling things can’t get any worse when a vase falls on her foot, and before she knows it she’s heading to the ER. It’s her lucky night because the best looking doctor at the hospital is on duty.
Check it out on Wednesday February 13th.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.