Re-Released Kalispell Shifters Stories

Summer’s flying by and one of my projects has been to rework and re-release all the books I’ve gotten rights back to.

This week I published the last of the Kalispell back titles.

Yes, book 13-Mending the Bear.

I left it with my usual cliffhanger. A hint of what’s to come and who the next bear shifter to fall in love will be. That was four years ago and now I have to start writing¬† Cade Mallory’s story. He’d just introduced himself to a woman who seems to know a lot about the bear shifters. Book 14 will be all about finding out what and how she knows their secret, who she is, her secret, and what’s coming for the shifters in Kalispell.

It will also be the starting point of another paranormal series.

I’m hoping to write book 14 sometime this fall and get it published around the holidays.

Until then, here’s the book cover for Mending the BearMending the Bear 2