Big Sky County Book 11-Jackson

Two weeks ago, I published the last of the Big Sky County back titles, Branndon Jr. If you’ve read the story you know that he has a younger brother, Jackson who’d just had a baby left in his truck with a note saying it was his son.

Just in case you’ve forgotten about the ending, here it is-

Jackson couldn’t believe that his big brother was finally going to settle down. He slapped him on the back as he, Jackson and Brody headed out of the bar where they’d been for a drink to celebrate.

“Two weddings coming up,” said Jackson. “Dad’s going to be over the moon.”

“You’re next,” said Branndon.

“Never in a million years. You hear that?”

“Hear what?” asked Brody.

“Like a whimpering sound,” said Jackson.

The three men stopped walking and Jackson listened again. “Sounds like it’s coming from my truck,” he said.

“The door’s not shut all the way,” said Brody. “You forgot to lock it, or someone broken in there?”

“Fuck,” said Jackson, running over to it. He knew he didn’t have much to steal, just his spare cowboy hat and boots, but the thought of someone getting into his vehicle made him madder than hell.

As he got closer, the whimpering turned into crying. It was a baby. He opened the door to see it sitting on the passenger seat in a baby carrier.

“Who would dump a baby like this?” he asked when Branndon and Brody arrived by his side.

“Some sick, cruel person,” said Brody. “Cute little thing,” said Brody, lifting out the carrier. “Judging by the clothing, it’s a boy.”

“Hey, there’s a piece of paper pushed down the side by his jacket,” said Branndon, pulling it out.

“I think we should call the police or children’s services or whoever you call,” said Jackson.

Branndon pulled out the paper. “Hey big brother, either the baby has the same name as you, or this is addressed to you,” he said, handing it to Jackson.

Jackson took it and opened it up.

“It can’t be…” He leaned against this truck.

“What’s wrong?” asked Brody.

“It says he’s my son,” said Jackson.

“Congratulations, pa,” said Branndon. “Wow is dad going to be over the moon or what. His first grandchild at last.”

“This can’t be true,” said Jackson. “How did this happen?”

“When a man and woman love one another…”

Jackson punched Branndon on the upper arm. “This is not funny and I couldn’t have fathered this child because I wear a rubber every time.”

“They’re not one hundred percent foolproof,” said Brody. “And the little guy does look a lot like you.”

“Any idea who his mother might be?” asked Branndon.

Jackson looked at the baby screaming his head off. What was he, three months old? He thought back a year ago trying to remember if he’d been seeing anyone. Nope, last person he’d dated regularly at been two years ago, since then he’d just had some quick relationships and just one very sexually-intense one-night stand twelve months ago.

“Fuck, he can’t be…”

“What?” asked Branndon.

“I just realized who the mother of this baby is.”

“Anyone we know?” asked Branndon.

“Yeah, Tori Monroe.”

“As in one of the Monroes who hate us like the Hatfields hated the McCoys?” asked Branndon.

Oh yeah, those Monroes.

“Shit Jackson, when Pa and her pa finds out you fucked a Monroe, you’re a dead man,” said Branndon.


On Monday August 3rd, I’ll be releasing Jackson’s story. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover and an excerpt-

“Did you really need to blurt out that you’re the baby’s mother like you did?”

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t’ thinking. I haven’t been doing much of that lately because of lack of sleep looking after a baby.”

It was wrong of her to take it out on him but since Kyle had been born she’d been up a couple of times a night and it was taking its toll. She had no idea how so many single moms handled it.

“How did this happen?” asked Jackson.

“When a man and a woman get together…”

He raised his hand. “Enough with the sarcasm, Tori. We used condoms.”

“Didn’t you get the memo that they’re not foolproof?”

While she did hate the predicament their night of lust had caused, she couldn’t think of life without Kyle now. He finished feeding, and she lifted him away from her breast and put him over her shoulder.

“I think you should cover up. I’d hate you to catch a cold or something worse,” said Jackson.

He was coloring up again. That was Jackson. Probably put their night right out of his mind, months ago and was almost embarrassed to think about what they’d done. She hadn’t been able to do that and not just because of the pregnancy and baby. It had been the best sex of her life, and she guessed no one would rock her world like that ever again. It wasn’t postpartum depression she’d had, but post-sex letdown.

“Could you pass me his burpee cloth? It’s in the side of the bag I left with you,” she said, pointing.

Jackson walked to it, pulled out the blue towel, and handed it to her.

“Okay, there you are,” she said, rubbing the baby’s back.

“Were you planning on dumping him on me or what?” asked Jackson.

“No, my dad’s got an eagle eye, and he’s been seeing a Mckinney in him and I couldn’t get up the courage to tell you about the baby. And yes, I know it was a dumb thing, but it was the only thing I could think of. There is no way I’d dump this little cutie.”

She lifted the baby up and kissed him. “He is worth the whole twenty hours of labor I went through and the bags under my eyes after I wake up with every morning.”

“Twenty hours, wow,” said Jackson. He sat and stroked the baby’s head. “You have anyone with you?”

“Yeah, my mom and aunt stayed with me the whole time.”

He nodded. “If you’d told me, I would have been there.”

Tori knew that. Jackson wasn’t the type of guy who didn’t live up to his responsibilities.

“I was going to insist on a DNA test, but I know that would be a waste of time and money. I hate to admit it when a Monroe’s right, but your dad is correct in seeing Mckinney in him,” said Jackson.

“You what to hold him again?” asked Tori.


Jackson took the baby from her and didn’t look at ease but he would, given time. Tori had been a nervous first-time mom as soon as she’d taken Kyle home from the hospital. Thank goodness she had her mom around.

“He won’t break so don’t worry too much,” she assured Jackson.

“You didn’t tell me his name.”

“Kyle Jacob,” said Tori. She lifted her hands in defense of the name. “I had to do something to get on Dad’s good side. Naming him after his great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather made him a very happy man.”

She knew that was not going to sit well with Branndon Sr.


I hope you’ll pick up a copy and enjoy the story as the saga continues.


Re-Released Kalispell Shifters Stories

Summer’s flying by and one of my projects has been to rework and re-release all the books I’ve gotten rights back to.

This week I published the last of the Kalispell back titles.

Yes, book 13-Mending the Bear.

I left it with my usual cliffhanger. A hint of what’s to come and who the next bear shifter to fall in love will be. That was four years ago and now I have to start writing  Cade Mallory’s story. He’d just introduced himself to a woman who seems to know a lot about the bear shifters. Book 14 will be all about finding out what and how she knows their secret, who she is, her secret, and what’s coming for the shifters in Kalispell.

It will also be the starting point of another paranormal series.

I’m hoping to write book 14 sometime this fall and get it published around the holidays.

Until then, here’s the book cover for Mending the BearMending the Bear 2

Happy Holidays



Holiday time again. Sorry that I haven’t posted as much as I usually do or published as many new books this year but the coaching and mentoring adventure is slowly taking its toll. There are only so many words you can look at in one day before something has to give!

I’ve decided that 2020 will be the last year I’ll be coaching so I can once again devote more time to all my stories.

Next year, I have 12 stories to re-publish and I’m planning on a new story in every series, including Perfect Pairings…yes, Sadie will be back for another adventure soon.

I promise to post more here too.

Until then, here’s wishing you the happiest of the holiday season and my best wishes for 2020.


‘See’ you again soon.  Vanessa D.

Re-Released Kalispell Shifters Titles

I know I haven’t been keeping up with posting the re-released back titles as I publish them so here are all the covers for the Kalispell Shifters books. If you haven’t already read them, be sure to check them out. Christmas with Two Alphas will be re-published mid December, get a sneak preview of the cover on the upcoming releases page.

Bringing Home The BearLoving the Bear-CoverHealing the BearThe Bear's Mate

What’s Your Fantasy?

Yes, finally a new release. This one is in my Fantasy LLC series. It was in my head for what seemed like forever and I finally gave myself a kick up the butt and said, write it.

I decided to take the main character on a time travel trip to Regency England where she meets a couple of very naughty, sexy rakes.

I know you all love Regency erotica as much as I enjoy writing it.

So I hope you’ll check this one out…it’s just 99 cents.



Big Sky Cowboys-Shane, Flynn and Rory

Yes, I know I need to do some catching up with posting news about new releases and re-released back titles. I’ve been busy teaching and coaching…I’m also designing jewelry and opening an Etsy store…more about that in an upcoming post.

For now, I wanted to let you know that the first two books in my Big Sky Cowboys (yes, those sexy Monroe brothers), series have been re-released. I have to say these stories are near and dear to my heart. I wrote them during the first time I took the NaNoWriMo challenge.  I get rights back to Rory later this month so that should be released during the third or fourth week of April. In the meantime, here are the covers for you to check out-

Big Sky Cowboys-FlynnRory Big Sky CowboysBig Sky Lawmen (1) 2

Holiday Greetings

Once again, it’s been forever since I posted anything to the site. As we’ almost the end of the year, this seems like a great time to fill you in on what I’ve been doing and what’s coming up.

I did re-release all the stories in the Love Cowboy Style trilogy. It’s now Cowboy Crazy and the three stories are sold separately and also as an all in one e-book, plus, there’s a print version too.

Cowboy Crazy Trilogy2

Next year, I get rights back to 12 more stories, including the last of the Perfect Pairings and the first ones in both my Kalispell Shifters and Big Sky County series.

I’m currently working on another Fantasy LLC story, and after that it will be another story in my Regency Rakes and Rogues series. I have lots of stories planned for 2019 so time permitting, I’m hoping to get at least six new ones published…and yes, I’ll be posting more here in the New Year.

Thank you for reading my books and staying with me during what has turned out to be a slightly drought year for new erotic tales.

Here’s wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons and health and happiness for 2019.

Love Cowboy Style Becomes Cowboy Crazy

Yes, I know it’s been forever since I posted to the site or even released a new book but projects have been taking up most of my time than planned and revamping back titles is more work than you’d think.

I recently got rights back to my Love Cowboy Style trilogy. I’ve decided to change the title to Cowboy Crazy. I’ve just released the first story which is the re-release of Courted by a Cowboy. November 1st, I’ll be releasing Breakfast with a Cowboy and December 1st, Christmas with a Cowboy. Mid-December I’ll be putting the stories together for a print book and next year I’ll be adding  brand new stories to the series.


Whitney James was at a crossroads in her life. After a scary incident in the classroom where she teaches high school English, she flees Chicago and heads back to where she was raised in Missoula, Montana. Thinking that maybe a career change is what she needs, she attends a first year law school lecture and sees Colt Robson. Whitney used to date Colt’s son Mark, in high school. Seeing Colt again, but this time older, and with just as much sex appeal, she realizes that she’s always had a crush on him. Now divorced, Colt is immediately smitten with the older and curvier Whitney. Will she accept his invitation for dinner and if so, will she be willing to be courted by a romantic, old-fashioned cowboy?


Whitney stood too, not knowing if she should just exit and pretend she hadn’t recognized Colt, or stay behind and say hi. She wasn’t the type of person to be rude so she made her way down the stairs to the front of the auditorium. He stuffed papers into his briefcase but then glanced over at her.

“So how have you been Whitney?” So he had definitely recognized her.

She stood frozen on the step, hugging her bag to her chest. “I’ve been good. How about you?”

“Never better. Your name wasn’t on the list of students.”

“No, I was just observing.”

He walked over to her and she got a whiff of his cologne. It was the same fragrance he’d worn all those years ago. She’d loved being in their house when he came home from work. He would walk into the kitchen, and she’d inhale the spicy scent. She hadn’t smelled it since, and now it brought back a flood of memories. She remembered the great food his wife cooked, and the Monopoly all four of them used to play out on the patio by the swimming pool she loved so much.

She’d forgotten what gorgeous blue eyes he had. Mark’s had been brown. In fact, they didn’t share any facial features, and Whitney had often wondered if they’d adopted him and maybe never told him.

And his lips are still so inviting.


Here’s the cover-

Courted By A Cowboy2

Stories I’m Working On….

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this site…and a while since I’ve released a new story. I’ve been busy with teaching writing workshops and also launching my own writing coaching and mentoring business (if you’d like to know more about that head over to I’ve been trying to keep up with re-releasing back titles…three coming in October and I’m also writing a TV pilot. So with all that going on you can imagine I’ve not had much time (or energy) to write new Vanessa Devereaux stories but I promise I will and very soon.

I might not have new stories this year but I will in 2018. I have an idea for a new erotica/erotic romance series set in the Old West which I’m excited about.Rose-petal with notebook.

I’m also planning to revamp this site and have some giveaways over the holidays. So please stay with me and I’d love to hear what sort of stories you’d like to see me tackle in 2018. Do you like erotica, historical erotica or are you a die hard bear shifter fan?


Happy New Year and News To Share

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a happy 2017 to everyone.

I took a few weeks to recharge as this year is going to be a busy one.

I’m teaching at least two workshops every month which will be a first for me. I’ll also be trying to get my new coaching and critiquing business up and running and exploring new platforms on which to teach.

Bookwise, I hope to release at least one new title and one revamped title each and every month. I get rights back to about a dozen of my titles with Evernight Publishing and one from Total E-Bound all of which I either plan to rewrite and release as stand alone books or rewrite to fit into one of my current series.

Speaking of which, I’ll be debuting a new series very soon…it’s one of my current WIPs and that’s Cowbear Haven where I’m combing my love of cowboys and bear shifters together.

My next release will be later this month and is titled Erotic Bedtime Stories which is an anthology of some revamped older titles and I’m thinking about adding a brand new one too. Here’s a sneak peek of the cover.



You’ve probably heard about the closing of All Romance E Books which was actually one of my best markets for sales so if any of you purchased books from the site and are now wondering where to buy my titles, you’ll find them at most online book stores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and also check them out at Smashwords too.

I’ll be giving the site a major overhaul soon and considering adding some more features for both readers and writers so please let me know what you’d like to see. Are you a writer who’d like tips about breaking into the publishing business? Or are you a reader who’d like to know more about what I’m working on and my writing process?

Don’t be shy and leave a comment because I’d love your input.