New Series- Fantasy LLC



Today, June 16th, is release day for my new series Fantasy LLC, here’s the background story-

Fantasy LLC, an exclusive organization where only a lucky few get to live out their wildest sexual dreams and let their inhibitions run free.

It’s not for the faint of heart and money or fame can’t buy you a way in.

An anonymous panel of philanthropists decides who will be the lucky recipient of the month. Application forms and essays are judged on their creativity and how turned on they get by what the applicant wishes for.

Winners are everyday people, bored housewives, teachers, doctors, virgins, and people just like Jenna Wilson who was lucky enough to be picked as this month’s recipient…

All the books will be short erotica stories told in first person, present tense…yes, a first for me.

The first story is The Boss and here’s a short synopsis-

Jenna Wilson is a personal assistant to Mr. Gregory Thorpe who she’s lusted after and had fantasies about since the first day she was hired. She takes a chance on being picked by Fantasy LLC and is shocked when a letter arrives bearing the logo of the organization.

Her dreams about to come true, but what she never counted on was her boss physically playing a part in the fantasy.

Will she ever be able to look him in the eye again? Will she be allowed to keep her job? Or will this be the start of something wonderful for Jenna?

I hope you enjoy the new series and this story.

Happy Reading.