Forbidden Shifters-Book Two

I hope everyone’s having a fun summer. I’m currently working on lots of stories and revamping some old ones so look for lots of new releases in the fall.  I’ll have some giveaways too so stay tuned…

A Bear’s Seduction, book two in my Forbidden Shifters series, will be released on Thursday August 8th.

I’ll be telling you more about it the closer we get to its release date but let’s just say that it features another sexy bear shifter that we love so much. Here’s a look at the cover-




Writing Your First Erotic Romance and Erotica Story

I’m working on a whole bunch of new stories ready for a fall release, but in the meantime I’ve just self-published Writing Your First Erotic Romance and Erotica Story.

If you’re thinking about writing a story in either of these genres I hope you’ll check it out.



Forbidden Shifters-The Bear Next Door

Today (June 2nd) sees the launch of my new shifter series titled Forbidden Shifters. These shifters are all bears and the stories are more erotic in tone, well, even more toward erotica.  If you like smoking hot shifter stories I hope you’ll love this new series.

The first book is titled The Bear Next Door and features the first couple (Bear Shifter and his human mate) to get together after the lifting of a ban that’s been in place in the county.

Here’s the premise of the series and I hope you enjoy this first book as much as I did writing it. There will be another book in the series released at the end of the month so stay tuned.

Welcome to Bay Harbor Springs, one of the first towns in Benningan County to experiment with the idea that their bear shifter population and non-shifter residents should finally be allowed to date, have sex, and possibly mate.

Before legislation passed, all shifters were known as forbidden and any shifter found to have anything but a platonic or business relationship with their non-shifter counterpart, would be forced to wear a radio tracker, be fined, sometimes jailed, and repeat offenders were banished from Benningan County for ten years.

The non-shifter female residents sometimes found this rule the hardest to abide by because everyone knows that a bear shifter is downright hunkalious.

Many women found themselves unable to resist these sexy werebears and many of the bad boys paid the price by handing over huge fines for a short kiss while others spent time behind bars for a quick rendezvous in the backseat of a parked car.

The Non-Shifter Alliance (all male) has decided that each month a limited number of permits will need to be issued before any sexual activity can commence and it’s on a purely a first come first served basis.

As you can imagine a record number were applied for just minutes after the ban was officially abolished and sexual encounters with the Forbidden Shifters began soon after.

These are the stories…


New Stories for June

I’ll have five new and/or revamped stories that will be released in June and I hope you’ll consider them for your summer reading. I’ll be telling you more about each story in the coming weeks.

On June 2nd, I’ll be debuting my new shifter series, Forbidden Shifters-



And then on June 9th, I’ll be releasing a revamped historical erotica story and it will be part of a new series called Masters of Pleasure.


On June 16th it will be the first in a new erotica series called Fantasy LLC


On June 23rd, the second in the Masters of Pleasure series-


And finally on June 30th, the second in the new Forbidden Shifters series-