Protected By The Bear-Kalispell Shifters Book Eight

For those of you following along with the Kalispell Shifter series, you’ve already met Ash McWilliams. He’s Bear’s cousin, he’s also a doctor, and this is his story. In Reforming The Bear, he was quite the wild party animal, but this time around he meets his mate. She’s in a lot of trouble and needs a big, brave man to look after her. And who better to do that than a bear shifter.

Hope you enjoy the story and here’s a sneak peek of  the cover-


Name The Cowbear Contest

July 2nd sees the release of the next Kalispell Shifter Story which is called Protected by the Bear. I’m currently working on book ten in the series. As most of you know as well as writing about bear and wolf shifters, I pen a series called Big Sky County featuring cowboys. So imagine what happened when I was in my local DIY store and walked by a shelf with this little guy sitting on it. A bear who just happens to be a cowboy.







I usually not an impulse buyer, but I knew I had to give this cowbear a home. My first idea was to put him on my deck. However, he now graces the floor in my office. There I can glance at him and hope that he generates ideas for many more stories in both these series. And yes, maybe even a new one too! And to thank everyone who follows both series, I thought I’d run a contest in the run up to the July 2nd release. This little guy needs a name.  So all you need to do is offer a suggestion. I’ll pick two winners who will win their choice of an e-book from either the Kalispell Shifter or Big Sky County series. I’ll also use both names in future stories and acknowledge your input. Either leave a comment here or e-mail me at Entries will close at Midnight Eastern on July 2nd, 2015, and I’ll announce the winners and Cowbear’s two best names on July 3rd. Good luck everyone, and as always thank you for reading these stories.

Ryan-Book Six-Big Sky County

If you’re following along with the Big Sky County series you’ll know that in book five, Connor, Katy who is Connor’s younger sister, met Cash Doyle who bid on her at the auction. She’s been smitten but he’s a man of mystery. Her own family tree has a few skeletons but Cash tells her it can’t top his. His great, great, great grandma, Gracie, once owned and ran Grantsville’s most successful house of ill repute. When he lets Katy read her journal she’s transported back to a bygone era and the story of the courtship of Gracie and sheriff Ryan Doyle.

Ryan will be released on June 2nd and here’s a first look at the cover. Hope you enjoy reading it.


The Romance Review’s Sizzling Summer Party

I’m taking part in the Romance Review’s Sizzling Summer Party. I’ll be giving away a copy of one of the books in my Kalispell Shifter series of the winner’s choice so be sure to check their site for this and other prizes at


The Bears Are Back In July

The next story in the Kalispell Shifter series is called Protected by the Bear and will be published in July. This time it’s a story about Ash McWilliams. If you’ve read Reforming The Bear you’ll know that he’s the cousin of Bear McWilliams. Just like Bear, Ash is also a doctor.

He finds his mate in the most unusual circumstances and pretty soon his protective bear nature kicks into high gear.

Check back soon for a sneak peek at the cover.

Big Sky County-Connor

On May 4th it’s back to those sexy modern day cowboys who reside in Big Sky County, Montana. This time it’s Connor Nolan-Delaney’s story. If you read the previous book in the series, Shaun and Jon, you’ll know that his ancestor’s weren’t your conventional people of their time. You may also remember that Jennifer Nealon stumbled upon Connor’s great, great, great grandmother’s journal and it contains information that might be detrimental to his campaign to run for the county sheriff’s job. And of course, Jennifer has  always had a thing for Connor so a little blackmail never hurts.

Hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I did writing it. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover-


Kalispell Shifters Book Eight-Reforming The Bear



If you’ve read A Wolf’s Mate and Bear With Me, you’ll already know Liam Ahern. Other shifters think of him as a pain in the butt. He’s outspoken and always looking for a fight but in Reforming The Bear he comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress. Amazing thing is she’s human and, yes, he hates human. Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it and here’s a first look at the cover-reformingthebear

Bear With Me-Book Seven-Kalispell Shifters


It’s back to the bear shifters with the release of my seventh book in the Kalispell Shifters series. This time it’s the story of Hannah, the café owner from A Wolf’s Mate and the new doctor in town, a bear shifter who just so happens to be named Bear. He has every female shifter pursuing him, but  only has eyes for one female and she’s a human. Hope you enjoy it and here’s a look at the cover- bearwithme

Private Pleasures

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover of my April 10th release from Forever More Publishing. It’s my first sci fi erotica story-


A Wolf’s Mate-Kalispell Shifters-Book Six

It’s the turn of Nick, the wolf shifter from Christmas with Two Alphas to find true love. Ava might just be his mate but she has two fatal flaws. She’s human and she’s been sent to Kalispell to investigate some odd goings on, like men transforming themselves into bears.

Can this mismatched couple have a happily ever after?

I hope you’ve been enjoying The Kalispell Shifter series and look for A Wolf’s Mate, the next installment on Wednesday February 11th.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover and be sure to check out both Coffeetime Romance Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt and the  Romance Reviews Anniversary Party because you could win one of the books in this series…happy reading-



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