Johnny,Mike and Branndon Sr.

My next release is Friday January 22nd and is part of my Big Sky County series. If you’ve read Brody who’ll know that he made contact with Johnny, Mike and Branndon Sr who’d lived in the commune with his mother Kathleen.

This story goes back to the Seventies when Kathleen met Johnny and then eventually meets up Mike and Branndon Sr. Later on this story she also meets Ted, the man who raised Brody.

I hope you enjoy this prequel to Brody as much as I did writing it. Here’s a look at the cover-



Who’s The Boss?

empressI recently got the rights back to the first story that put me on the bestseller lists. It’s Who’s the Boss? and I’ve been revamping it and had a new cover made. I hope to get it re-released at the end of the month but stayed tuned for the exact date and details.


2016-Shifter Stories and a Whole Lot More

Almost another year over and I’ve already been writing and planning stories for 2016.  I’ll be writing more stories in both my Kalispell Shifters and Big Sky County series. And yes, for those who follow Perfect Pairing, Sadie will be back next year too.

I’ll also be adding to my newly launched Regency Rogues and Rakes series. And I’ll working on two new shifter series. I already have a title for one of them and it’s Forbidden Shifters. I know many of you love the bear shifters and that’s what this series will be all about. Here’s a sneak peak at covers for the first three stories I’m currently working on-




I also hope to add weekly updates about what I’m working on, more giveaways…next one will be for Valentine’s Day, and remember to check the upcoming releases page on the site for what’s ahead and when.

Thank you to everyone who purchased one of my books this year and for all the kind words and reviews. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year-Vanessa D.

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway-Day 12-Flynn


It’s the final day of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and thank you to everyone who’s followed along, left comments and e-mailed me.

Today’s book is Flynn from my Big Sky Cowboys trilogy. Today’s question, What’s Flynn’s last name?

Leave a comment or e-mail me by Midnight Eastern Time, today, Dec 21st.



12 Days of Christmas-Day 11-Ryan


box-22134_640Day 11 and today’s book is Ryan from my Big Sky County series.

Today’s question,  if you could live in any other period in history what would it be?

Leave a comment or e-mail me by Midnight Eastern Time today, Dec 20th.


12 Days of Christmas Giveaway-Day 10-Seeing Forever


It’s Day 10 and today’s book is Seeing Forever from my Perfect Pairing series. Question of the day, what’s the name of the matchmaking witch in this series?

Leave a comment or e-mail me by Midnight Eastern Time today Dec 19th.


12 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway-Day 9-Baby, It’s Cold Outside



It’s day 9 and today’s book is Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Question of the day, do you prefer spending the holidays somewhere cold or somewhere warm?

Leave a comment or e-mail me by Midnight Eastern Time, today Dec 18th.



12 Days of Christmas Giveaway-Day 8-Miracle Wolf for Christmas


It’s day 8 of the giveaway and as it’s also a release day for me, today’s book is my latest story, Miracle Wolf for Christmas from my Kalispell Shifters series

Today’s question, where is Kalispell located?

Comments or e-mail me directly before Midnight Eastern, today, Dec 17th.


12 Days of Christmas Giveaway-Day 7-Getting Lucky


box-22134_640Today’s book is Getting Lucky and today’s question is if, like the two characters in this story, you won a house, would you prefer it to be in the mountains or at the beach?

Leave a comment or e-mail me with your answer by Midnight Eastern today, Dec 16th.



12 Days of Christmas Giveaway-Day 6-Christmas with a Cowboy


Today’s book is a holiday themed one-Christmas with a Cowboy from my Love Cowboy Style trilogy.

Today’s question, where is your ideal place to spend the holidays?

Leave a comment or e-mail me directly by Midnight Eastern Time today, Dec 15th.




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