Loving The Bear-Book Three Kalispell Shifters

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My next release is Wednesday July 30th and it’s the third story in the Kalispell Shifters series called Loving The Bear. It’s the turn of Christopher Renner (Aiden’s brother from The Bear’s Mate) to find true love.

Like his brother, he’s fallen hard for a human and it’s in the shape of a single mom named Lilly.

Hope you enjoy the story and here’s a first look at the cover-



Bringing Home The Bear-Kallispell Shifters Book Two

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My second story in the Kallispell Shifters series, Bringing Home The Bear is released on Monday June 23rd.

Trent’s a cop who got shot…not in the line of duty but by a hunter. You see Trent’s also a bear shifter. While’s he’s at home resting he spots the sexiest girl fishing on his property. Emily’s been given the task of standing in as proxy for her dad. He wants her to fly fish and after she’s caught the big one, next on his want list, to bring home a bear, and there just happens to be one hanging around where she’s camping.

Hope you enjoy the story and here’s a sneak peek at its cover-


The Pleasure Room

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The Pleasure Room is my new historical erotica story. It’s set in Regency England and is being released by Forever More Publishing on July 4th.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover-



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